Togo: The Untold True Story 2019 HD 2160p + 1080p Download

Togo: The Untold True Story 2019 HD 1080p

Title: Togo: The Untold True Story
Director: Ericsson Cole
Screenwriter: Tom Flynn
Starring: William Dafoe / Julianne Nicholson / Christopher Heyerdahl / Michael Gaston / Michael McEl Hatton / More…
Genre: Drama
Production Country/Region: United States
language: English
Release date: 2019-12-13 (U.S.)
Duration: 113 minutes
IMDb score 8.0/10 from 34519 users
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Douban rating 8.8/10 from 63548 users
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Focusing on the 1925 event in which sled riders and sled dogs worked together to save the lives of children in Nome, Alaska on the Serum Relay Road, it was called the "Great Race of Mercy". The film will land on Disney’s own streaming media and will be launched in 2019.

At the end of 1924, a 2-year-old child in Nome became ill. The doctor diagnosed him as having tonsillitis. This disease is usually not life-threatening. However, this child became an exception. Many children were diagnosed with tonsillitis. Several unfortunately passed away, and the doctor finally confirmed that the disease was diphtheria. At that time, there was a vaccine that could be used to deal with diphtheria, and then the vaccines in Nome all expired, but the new vaccine was not delivered before the port was closed. The Baltic Sea will thaw in June next year. There is no direct road to Nome and no planes. The only way to transport goods is the postal route, but in winter only sled dogs can pass. The Department of Health decided to use two sets of sled dogs for relay transportation. 20 sled riders and 150 sled dogs must travel day and night, passing rivers, across plains, through forests, and across the frozen Alaska postal route. The nearest vaccine location is Nanna, 1085 kilometers away from Nome. Under normal circumstances, dog sledding takes 25 days, but it took them only 5 and a half days to successfully complete the relay, saving the lives of many children.

   Togo, the protagonist of the film, is one of the leading dogs used by the Norwegian sleigh rider Leonhard Seppala (Dafo). He is praised for his wit, excellent leadership and keen intuition. Seppala was appointed to transmit the most dangerous part of the relay, from Noam to Nurato to receive the batch of immune serum, and successfully completed the task in an environment of minus 30 degrees and strong winds above level 7. Antarctic explorer Roald Amundsen then awarded Togo a gold medal.


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