The Queens Gambit S01 1080p NF WEB-DL Download

The Queens Gambit S01 1080p NF WEB-DL

◎Title The Queens Gambit
◎year 2020
◎Place of Origin United States
◎Category Story
◎Language English
◎Release date 2020-10-23 (United States)
◎IMDb star rating  ★★★★★★★★★␣
◎IMDb rating  8.9/10 from 2,635 users
◎IMDb link
◎Douban Commentary ★★★★☆
◎Douban Rating 9.2/10 from 2,518 users
◎Douban link
◎Number of episodes 6
◎Director   Scott Frank / Scott Frank
◎Actor   Anya Taylor-Joy
       Harry Melling | as Harry Beltik
       Chloe Pirrie | as Alice Harmon
       Jacob Fortune-Lloyd
       Marielle Heller | as Alma Wheatley
       Rebecca Root | as Miss Lonsdale
       Christiane Seidel | as Helen Deardorff
       Patrick Kennedy | as Allston Wheatley
       Millie Brady | as Cleo
       Eloise Webb | as Annette Packer
       Charlie Hamblett | as Derek
       John Hollingworth | as Randall Foster
       Alexander Albrecht | as Manfredi
       Janina Elkin | as Mrs. Borgov
       Daniel Brunet | as Man At Sign In Table
       Tatsu Carvalho | as Doctor
       Michel Diercks | as Duhamel
       Sam Gilroy | as Tim
       Hubertus Grimm | as Hellstrom
       Tim Kalkhof | as Roger Dione
       David Masterson | as Conference Reporter
       John Schwab | as Mr. Booth
       Marcin Dorocinski | as Vasily Borgov
       Thomas Brodie-Sangster | as Benny
       Akemnji Ndifornyen | as Mr. Fergusson
◎Screenwriter Allan Scott
       Scott Frank
      Walter Tevis
◎Music Carlos Rafael Rivera
◎Photography Steven Meizler

◎Tags American Drama | NETFLIX | United States | Netflix | 2020 | Plot | Novel Adaptation | Anya Taylor-Joy


   Based on Walter Tevez’s novel, this growth story explores the true price behind genius. At the end of the 1950s, the young Beth Harmon (Anja Taylor-Joy) was abandoned and entrusted to an orphanage in Kentucky. She has an amazing talent for chess and is addicted to the tranquilizers that the government provides to children. Beth is troubled by the demons in her heart. Under the dual effects of drugs and obsessions, she becomes an impressive, skilled and charming outcast, determined to break the tradition established by the male-dominated chess world. limit.


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