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The 2007 Microsoft Office System, or Microsoft Office 2007, is an office software suite developed by Microsoft for the Windows Vista operating system. Known as Office 12 at the beginning of the test cycle, it was scheduled to be delivered to volume-licensed customers on November 30, 2006, and is scheduled to be officially released to retail customers along with Windows Vista on January 30, 2007. Many of the important new features of Office 2007, the most notable of which is its new graphical user interface called Ribbon, which replaces the interface of Office’s original menus and toolbars.

Office 2007 also includes new applications and server tools. The most important of these is Groove, a collaboration and communication suite for small businesses. Groove was originally developed by Groove Networks and later acquired by Microsoft in 2005. In addition, it also includes Office Sharepoint Server 2007, a major revision of the Office application server platform, providing "Excel Services" to support real-time sharing of Excel worksheets on multiple machines, and can be viewed and edited on web pages. Client-server architecture. Although Office 2007 includes many new features, Microsoft FrontPage is completely removed and no longer developed, and will be replaced by Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer and Microsoft Expression Web.

Office 2007 needs to be loaded after Windows XP SP 2/3, Windows Server 2003 SP1 or the main operating systems are Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Office 2007 stopped supporting and updating on October 10, 2017.


Office 2007 Professional Plus Download


Microsoft Office 2007 Package

Editions Component Applications Issuance Method
Ultimate Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Access, InfoPath, Publisher
OneNote, Groove, Communicator,Additional Tool
Home / Commercial Retail
Enterprise Excel, Outlook with BCM, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Publisher
OneNote, InfoPath, Groove,Communicator,Additional Tool
Home / Commercial NO Retail
Professional Plus Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Publisher, InfoPath
Additional Tool
Home / Commercial NO Retail
Professional Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Publisher
Outlook Business Contact Manager
Home / Commercial Retail
Small Business Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Publisher
Outlook Business Contact Manager
Home / Commercial Retail
Standard Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word Home / Commercial Retail
Family and student Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote Household Retail/OEM
Basic Excel, Outlook, Word Household OEM only

New features

User Interface

The new results-oriented user interface "Fluent UI" is based on the "Ribbon Tabbed Toolbar" and will be used in the core applications of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Mail Editor Outlook. These applications were chosen and reformed because they focus on document writing and have a large number of options at a glance. The rest of the applications in the suite will eventually be updated to the new user interface. According to Microsoft, the principle of the new user interface is to help people focus on what they want to do, rather than causing them to be bothered by how to do it.

The Office button first appeared in the Beta 1 update. It replaces the "File" menu and provides efficient access to all Office applications, not just open, save, print, and share a file. Users can also choose a color theme for the interface themselves.


Microsoft has developed a new Ribbon interface for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for Microsoft Office 2007 that organizes commands into a set of "tags", each of which contains related commands. Each application has a different set of tags that showcase the functionality provided by the program. For example, Excel has a label for charting, but Word doesn’t. Instead, it’s a label that controls the formatting of the document. In each tab, various related options are grouped together. The Ribbon is designed to make the application’s features easier to find and use, and reduces the number of mouse clicks compared to the menu-based user interface that was used in Office 2003.

Some tags, called context-sensitive tags, are only displayed when a particular object is selected. Context-sensitive tags only show the specific functionality of those objects that have focus. For example, selecting an image will display an image tool tab with options for processing the image. Similarly, selecting a table will display a label containing options related to the form. Context-sensitive tags are hidden when the object is not selected.


The Gallery is part of a new user interface that displays graphical display and formatting options that can be applied to various elements. For example, document style, document title page style, slide design, etc. are all displayed using the gallery, which gives people a concept of the selected object, rather than filtering from a large number of options, just like the dialog-type user used before. interface design. The Gallery replaces the previously available large number of possible formatting options, allowing users to configure them by combining dialog options.

Use the gallery to simplify the generation of document layouts, which was previously seen in Microsoft’s low-end Office suite of Microsoft Works and other desktop publishing software, such as The Print Shop.

Live preview

Microsoft Office 2007 also introduces a feature called "live preview." When the mouse hovers over any of the format buttons, these formats are temporarily applied to the text or object in focus. These temporary formatting will be removed when the mouse is over the button. This allows the user to preview the effect of this format on the appearance of the object without actually applying a format.

Mini toolbar

When some text is selected, the mini toolbar pops up near the selected text. This provides easy access to the most commonly used format commands. When the mouse is outside the toolbar, the toolbar is translucent so that the underside is not obscured. When the mouse is over the toolbar, the toolbar becomes opaque and can be used. When the user right clicks on the selected text, the toolbar also appears above the right-click menu.

Other user interface features

  • Super Tooltips can contain formatted text and images and are used to provide a detailed description of the functionality of most buttons.
  • The Quick Access Toolbar is located in the title bar and contains some of the most common features that are not relevant to the specific application, such as saving, restoring/redoing, and printing.
  • The zoom slider is located in the lower right corner, which allows a document to be zoomed in quickly and dynamically.

File format

Microsoft Office uses a new file format, OpenXML, as the default save format. It is based on the XML language and uses the ZIP compression algorithm. According to Microsoft, this compressed file format is even 75% smaller than the current Microsoft Office file format. Microsoft initially stated that Office 2007 supports exporting to Portable File Format (PDF). However, due to legal protests from Adobe Systems, Office 2007 will not provide native support for PDFs, but instead be a separate free download. Office 2007 documents can also be exported as XPS documents through a separately downloaded plugin.

User assistant system

In Microsoft Office 2007, the infamous Office Assistant was completely removed because of more improved help systems. One feature of the new help system is the extensive use of super tooltips that can explain each button or demonstrate each function.


Chinese version download

File Parameters Parameter Values
File name cn_office_professional_plus_2007_dvd_X12-38713.iso
File Size 661.91MB
Download ed2k Link
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Download link cn_office_professional_plus_2007_dvd_X12-38713.iso

English version download

File Parameters Parameter Values
File name microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 With Key
File Size 558.17MB
Download Magnet Link
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Download link microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 With Key



Universal serial number for Chinese and English version:DBXYD-TF477-46YM4-W74MH-6YDQ8
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