No Time to Die 2021 1080p AMZN WEBRip Download

No Time to Die 2021

No Time to Die 2021 1080p AMZN WEBRip Download


◎Title  No Time to Die
◎year 2021
◎Place of Origin UK/USA
◎Category: Action / Thriller / Adventure
◎Language English / French / Italian / Russian / Spanish
◎Release date  2021-10-29 (Mainland China) / 2021-09-30 (UK) / 2021-10-08 (US)
◎IMDb rating  7.5/10 from 148,867 users
◎IMDb link
◎Douban score 6.9/10 from 114,964 users
◎Douban link
◎Length  164 minutes
◎Director Cary Fukunaga / Cary Fukunaga
◎Actor Daniel Craig / Daniel Craig (as James Bond James Bond 007)
       Rami Malek / Rami Malek (as Lucifer Safin)
       Léa Seydoux / Léa Seydoux (as Madeleine Swann)
       Ana de Armas / Ana de Armas (as Paloma)
       Lashana Lynch / Lashana Lynch (as Nomi)
       Ralph Fiennes / Ralph Fiennes (as M)
       Ben Whishaw / Ben Whishaw (as Q)
       Lisa-Dorah Sonnet / Lisa-Dorah Sonnet (as Mathilde)
       Naomie Harris / Naomie Harris (as Eve Moneypenny)
       Rory Kinnear / Rory Kinnear (as Bill Tanner)
       Jeffrey Wright / Jeffrey Wright (as Felix Leiter)
       Billy Magnussen / Billy Magnussen (as Logan Ash)
       Christoph Waltz / Christoph Waltz (As Ernst Stavro Blofeld)
       David Dencik / David Dencik (as Valdo Obruchev)
       Dali Benssalah / Dali Benssalah (as Primo)
      Hugh Dennis / Hugh Dennis (as Dr. Hardy)
       Prianka Burford / Priyanga Burford (as Dr. Symes)
       Pio Amato / Pio Amato (as Cemetery Attendant)
      Javin Prince / Javone Prince (as MI6 Security Guard)
       Amy Morgan Amy Morgan (as Alison Smith)
       Lourdes Faberes / Lourdes Faberes (as Spectre Agent)
      Philip Philmar / Philip Philmar (as Spectre Agent)
      Raymond Waring Raymond Waring (as Spectre Agent)
       Coco Sumner / Coco Sumner (as Bodyguard)
       Gordon Alexander (as Lab Technician)
       David Olawale Ayinde / David Olawale Ayinde (as SPECTRE Party Guest)
       Andrew G. Ogleby / Andrew G. Ogleby (as MI6 Worker)
       Gianni Calchetti / Gianni Calchetti (as Bruno)
       Tuncay Gunes / Tuncay Gunes (as Spectre Agent)
      Ty Hurley / Ty Hurley (as Office Male)
       Laplos Kalfuntzos / Lampros Kalfuntzos (as Cyclist)
       Marian Lorencik / Marian Lorencik (as Delivery Worker)
       Julian Ferro / Julian Ferro (as MI6 Security Guard)
◎Screenwriter Neal Purvis / Neal Purvis
      Robert Wade / Robert Wade
      Cary Fukunaga / Cary Fukunaga
       Phoebe Waller-Bridge / Phoebe Waller-Bridge
       Ian Fleming / Ian Fleming
◎Music  Hans Zimmer / Hans Zimmer
◎Photography  Linus Sandgren / Linus Sandgren
◎Associate Director Actress Jon Mallard / Jon Mallard

◎Tag 007 | Agent | Action | UK | 2021 | Spy | Crime | Series


   The world situation is turbulent, and Bond (Daniel Craig), who once again emerged, faces an unprecedented crisis in history. The story of the legendary agent 007 culminates in this film. The new and old roles are assembled, Léa Seydoux returns and plays the Bond girl Madeleine for the second time. Safin (played by Rami Marek), the most terrifying villain in the series, made a big debut, showing his cruel side relentlessly, not only uncovering the secrets hidden in Madeleine, but also brewing to endanger millions The conspiracy of human life, the figure of the Ghost Party also seems to have surfaced again. The new agent 00 (played by Rushner Lynch) and the mysterious woman (played by Anna de Armas) appear to be fighting with Bond, but their true purpose is still a mystery. New and old grudges about Bond’s life and death followed one after another. Under the turbulent undercurrent, can he save the world?

◎Awarding situation 

   The 7th Douban Movie Annual List (2020)
   The most anticipated foreign language film (nominated)


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