Foxit PDF Editor Pro v11.0.0.49893 Download + Activation / Registrator

Foxit PDF Editor Pro v11.0.0.49893

Foxit PDF Editor Pro v11.0.0.49893 Download


Foxit PhantomPDF Business is a professional software solution built specifically for creating PDF files. Not only does this tool manage to provide all the necessary options for helping a user create PDFs, but it also comes packed with many advanced features, such as encryption, conversion, and a built-in PDF editor. The program boasts an intuitive interface and represents the comprehensive application with a broad range of features that might simplify user work.

Thanks to its multi-tabbed support, a user can easily switch between documents. It supports batch processing, which means a user can add multiple files to the list and convert them to PDF simultaneously. Foxit PhantomPDF Business can work with a wide range of file formats, namely XLS, XLT, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, POT, PPTM, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, plain text, and others. Moreover, a user can merge multiple files into a single PDF file. The application also allows users to convert the data that they have added to the list to the following file formats: HTML, RTF, DOC, XLS, XLSX, PPTX, and plain text.

A user may toggle the full-screen mode and switch to the pan or text view mode. The last one enables a user to copy the selected text. The program comprises a built-in text editor that allows users to insert text, images, and graphical objects. A user can also keep their documents private from unauthorized viewing by setting up passwords.

Key Features

PDF Creating and converting:

  • Create industry-standard PDF files from virtually all PC applications, popular image formats, and the clipboard;
  • Create ISO standard PDF/A files, and embed fonts;
  • One-click PDF creation from IE, Chrome, and Firefox;
  • Create an RMS redaction protected PDF files within Word, Excel, and PowerPoint;
  • PDF A, E, and X validation;
  • Create PDF from multiple files and file types, scanner, blank page;
  • One-Step PDF Creation from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and O u t l o o k;
  • Create PDFs from Microsoft Office Visio;
  • Convert PDF to Microsoft® Office, RTF, HTML, text, and image formats;
  • PDF A, E, and X creation;
  • Provides PDF creation by converting emails to PDF directly from the Microsoft® O u t l o o k® application;
  • Evernote integration-attach a PDF to a note;
  • Create PDF portfolios;
  • Export PDF to word and keep the fonts and layouts intact – including bullets and tables;
  • Keep layers when combining multiple PDF files;
  • Merge multiple files into a single PDF document;
  • Merge opened PDF files;
  • Apply security setting when creating;
  • Scan presets.

PDF viewing and printing:

  • Create new tabs or customize current tabs;
  • Microsoft Office 2013 style ribbon toolbar;
  • Touch screen support;
  • Multi-tab browsing;
  • View PDF portfolios;
  • Print pages from a selected bookmark(s);
  • Open and decrypt RMS encrypted PDF documents;
  • Side-by-side document comparisons;
  • Text viewer;
  • Magnifier;
  • Loupe Tool;
  • Read out loud;
  • View and navigate page thumbnails, bookmarks;
  • Grids and custom drawing guides to help to position objects in the PDF;
  • Search including bookmarks and comments;
  • Allows the Windows indexing service and other Windows search technologies to index PDF files.

PDF editing:

  • Paragraph edit with automatic reflow and reformat;
  • Edit portfolios;
  • Recognize and remove web links;
  • Run spell-check on your entire document and correct typos;
  • Cut, delete and move multiple bookmarks at a time;
  • Add, edit, delete and manage document hyperlinks and bookmarks, custom actions for bookmarks and hyperlinks, such as opening a file, playing a sound, going to a web page, etc.;
  • Add, edit, delete and manage image and multimedia annotations;
  • Add, edit, delete and manage header and footer, background, watermark;
  • Add, edit, delete and manage path objects;
  • Move, resize, rotate, cut, copy and paste graphics and image objects;
  • Manage pages in a document (reorder, new, insert, extract, crop, rotate and delete pages), insert pages from the scanner;
  • Link and Join text;
  • Drag and drop to reorder PDF pages in one file or multiple files;
  • Reorder pages from dropping and dragging thumbnail in page thumbnail panel;
  • OCR text recognition to create searchable and selectable documents;
  • Create scanned/image-based PDFs to editable files;
  • Find OCR suspects and edit the recognition result;
  • PDF optimizer;
  • Advanced PDF editing: edit images, add object shading, convert text to path, etc.;
  • High compression when creating PDFs from scanners or optimizing PDFs;
  • Bates Numbering;
  • Insert pages from a scanner;
  • Insert pages of the current PDF into other files;
  • Add custom properties;
  • Action Wizard;
  • Allow users to change the page size.

PDF reviewing and sharing:

  • Initiate a Shared Review to include PhantomPDF, Foxit Reader, and MobilePDF users through email, a network folder, or a SharePoint workspace;
  • Add, manage, view and navigate document comments;
  • Familiar comment, markup tools (notes, text boxes, callouts, highlight, underline, strikeout, squiggly, cross-out, typewriter, Stamps, etc. ) and drawing tools (comment tools including lines, rectangles, pencil, oval, polygon, cloudy, arrow);
  • Measuring tool for distance, perimeter, and area measuring;
  • Attach a file as a comment;
  • Organize and manage a library of stamps;
  • Import/Export comments data and summarise comments;
  • Highlight area;
  • Print with comments for efficient review;
  • Send documents to an internal server for shared analysis;
  • Send texts for email review;
  • Track documents that have been sent out for review;
  • Evernote integration;
  • SharePoint integration;
  • Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox integration.

PDF forms:

  • Form field recognition;
  • Form designer assistant;
  • Fill in and save forms, including XFA form;
  • Import/Export form data, reset form fields;
  • JavaScript support;
  • Draw and edit form controls (text fields, buttons, drop-down lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, and digital signature fields);
  • Edit static XFA form;
  • Digitally sign acro forms and XFA forms;
  • Enables 2D barcode generation from Ultraforms® enabled fillable PDF forms;
  • Combine forms to a CSV file.

PDF security:

  • Removes undesired information from your document before publishing, like metadata, comments, hidden data from previous saves, hidden layers, overlapping objects, and more;
  • Add, edit, delete and manage passwords secure encryption and permission controls to PDF files;
  • PDF Sign – Add, edit, delete and manage an image of your signatures to PDF files;
  • Quick PDF Sign using your handwritten signature;
  • Place ink signature on multiple pages on the same position;
  • Send, sign and save PDF documents using DocuSign, the industry’s most widely used eSignature solution;
  • Add, edit, delete and manage security policies;
  • Add, edit, delete and manage digital signatures to PDF files;
  • Add trusted timestamps to digital signatures or documents;
  • Add, edit, delete and manage certification secure encryption and permission controls to PDF files;
  • Certify document and set permitted actions after certifying;
  • Permanently remove content from documents using redaction;
  • RMS redaction in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel;
  • Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Service Decryption;
  • Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Service Encryption;
  • Insert dynamic security watermarks in AD RMS protected files;
  • Log the usage of RMS secured documents such as opening, printing, editing.

Connected PDF:

  • Convert PDF to ConnectedPDF;
  • Convert other formats to cPDF when creating to PDF;
  • Clone a document;
  • Enable document enforced tracking;
  • Track any access to cPDF documents;
  • Show usage data in document homepage;
  • Register and upload a new version of a cPDF document;
  • Send update notification when registering a new version;
  • Enable the non-Foxit application to receive update notification;
  • Online ConnectedPDF protection;
  • Permission configuration;
  • Dynamically approve and revoke document permission;
  • Dynamically request document permission and response to the changes of document permission;
  • Join/Leave Connected Review;
  • Initiate/End Connected Review;
  • Document Locator and request.

System Requirements:

  • OS: Microsoft Windows;
  • CPU: 1.3 GHz or faster processor;
  • RAM: 512MB (Recommended: 1GB RAM or greater);
  • HDD: 2 GB of available hard drive space;
  • 1024*768 screen resolution.


File Parameters Parameter Values
File name Foxit.PDF.Editor.Pro.v11.0.0.49893.7z
File Size 791MB
File Format 7z
Download link Foxit.PDF.Editor.Pro.v11.0.0.49893.7z

Installation Guide

  1. Run Setup.msi installer

  2. Do not start the program, close it if it has started

  3. Copy the contents of the Cracked File folder to the program installation directory and replace the original files

  4. Run the software

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