Wonder Woman 1984 2020 2160p/1080p Download

Wonder Woman 1984 2020 2160p/1080p

Wonder Woman 1984 2020 2160p/1080p Download


◎Title Wonder Woman 1984
◎year 2020
◎Place of Origin USA / UK / Spain
◎Category Action / Fantasy / Adventure
◎Language English
◎Release date 2020-12-18 (Mainland China) / 2020-12-25 (U.S.)
◎IMDb star rating  ★★★★★★★␣␣␣
◎IMDb rating  6.8/10 from 9,583 users
◎IMDb link  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7126948/
◎Douban Commentary ★★★☆␣
◎Douban score 6.6/10 from 92,756 users
◎Douban link https://movie.douban.com/subject/27073752/
◎Length  151 minutes
◎Director Patty Jenkins / Patty Jenkins
◎Actor Gal Gadot / Gal Gadot | played as  Wonder Woman / Diana Prince Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
      Chris Pine / Chris Pine | as  Steve Trevor Steve Trevor
       Kristen Weig / Kristen Wiig | as  Leopard Girl / Barbara Minerva Cheetah / Barbara Minerva
       Pedro Pascal / Pedro Pascal | as  Max Lord Max Lord
       Connie Nielsen / Connie Nielsen | played as  Hippolyta Queen Hippolyta
      Robin White / Robin Wright | As  Antiope General Antiope
       Lily Aspel / Lilly Aspell | played as  Little Diana Young Diana
       Gabriella Wilde / Gabriella  Wilde |  as  Raquel Raquel
       Doutzen Kroes / Doutzen Kroes | as  Venelia Venelia
       Linda Carter / Lynda Carter | as  Wonder Woman / Diana Prince Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
       Christopher Praha / Kristoffer Polaha | as  Handsome Man
       Lyon Beckwith / Lyon Beckwith | As  Buzz Cut
       Ravi Patel / Ravi Patel | as  Babajide
       Natasha Roswell / Natasha Rothwell | as Carol
       Tessa Bonham Jones / Tessa Bonham Jones | as  Lucy
      Ella Walker / Ella Walker | as  Amazonian
       Yu Chaomin / Kelvin Yu | as Jake
       Shane Atwal / Shane Attwooll | as  Dangerous Drunk
       Ed Birch / Ed Birch | As  White House Carl
      Patrick List / Patrick Lyster | as CJCS
      Okley Bull / Oakley Bull | as Kelly
       Corsa Engler / Kosha Engler | As  US National News Anchor
       Odabe Akie / Akie Kotabe | As  Air Traffic Controller
       Constantine Gregory / Constantine Gregory | as  Russian General
       Vincent de Paul / Vincent De Paul | as  Presidential Staff
       Julian Ferro / Julian Ferro | As  Office Employee
       Rosana Walls / Rosanna Walls | as  Amazon
       Danny Morgan / Danny Morgan |  as  Co-Worker 2
       Chris Silkock / Chris Silcox | as  Groom
       Bernardo Santos / Bernardo Santos  | as Soldier
      Philip Firma / Philip Philmar | as  Janitor
       Nick Irving Ford / Nick Owenford | as  DC Gala Guest
       Joel Morris / Joel Morris | As  Security Guard
       Jag Patel / Jag Patel | As  Cario City Tyre Business Owner / Repairs
       Wendy Albiston / Wendy Albiston | As  Nasty Woman
      Manoy Anand / Manoj Anand | As  Christmas Market Vendor
      John Gettier / John Gettier | As  Fairfax Police Officer
       Penelope Capdia / Penelope Kapudija | As  Mall Baby
       Sarah Luna / Sarah Luna | as  Max‘s Mother
      Samantha Russell / Samantha Russell | As  Aerobics Instructor
◎ Screenwriter  Patty Jenkins / Patty Jenkins
       Geoff Jones / Geoff Johns
      Dave Callaham / Dave Callaham
       William Marston / William M. Marston
◎Producer Picture People Zack Schneider / Zack Snyder
      Patty Jenkins / Patty Jenkins
       Wesley Kohler / Wesley Coller
◎Music Hans Zimmer / Hans Zimmer
◎Photography Matthew Jensen / Matthew Jensen, ASC
◎Visual effects Jason Lanier Brown / Jason Lanier Brown

◎Tags DC | Gal Gadot | Superhero | USA | Justice League | Science Fiction | Comic Adaptation | Action


The background of the story is set in the colorful and seductive 80s. Wonder Woman Diana lived a life like ordinary people in the Natural History Museum in Washington. However, after preventing a seemingly ordinary robbery, the people around her Everything has changed. Under the temptation of powerful divine power, two brand-new rivals quietly appeared-the top predator Leopard who "fell in love" with Wonder Woman, and Max Lord, who controls the power that can change the world, a shocking battle It is inevitable. On the other side, the old love Steve suddenly "resurrected from the dead" and renewed his relationship with Diana. However, despite being touched by the romance, Steve’s return is also full of doubts.


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File name Wonder.Woman.1984.2020.IMAX.2160p.HMAX.WEBRip.x265.10bit.HDR.DDP5.1.Atmos-TOMMY
File Size 19.73GB
Subtitle Language English
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File name Wonder.Woman.1984.2020.IMAX.1080p.WEB.H264-NOGRP
File Size 5.89GB
Subtitle Language Multi-Language
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File name Wonder.Woman.1984.2020.IMAX.1080p.WEBRip.x264-RARBG
File Size 2.88GB
Subtitle Language Multi-Language
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Download link Wonder.Woman.1984.2020.IMAX.1080p.WEBRip.x264-RARBG
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