Alice in Borderlands 2020 Netflix WEB-DL 1080p Download

Alice in Borderlands 2020 Netflix WEB-DL 1080p

Alice in Borderlands 2020 Netflix WEB-DL 1080p Download


◎Translated name  Alice in Borderlands
◎Title 今際の国のアリス
◎year 2020
◎Place of Origin Japan
◎Category Science Fiction / Suspense
◎Language Japanese
◎Release date 2020-12-10 (Japan)
◎IMDb link
◎Douban score 8.2/10 from 31819 users
◎ Douban link
◎Director  Shinsuke Sato
◎Screenwriter: Yoshiki Watabe / Shinsuke Sato
◎The starring role: Kento Yamazaki
      Tao Tsuchiya
      Nijiro Murakami
      Yuki Morinaga
      Ayaka Miyoshi
      Keita Machida
      Dori Sakurada
      Aya Asahina
      Shuntaro Yanagi
      Yutaro Watanabe
      Ayame Misaki
      Mizuki Yoshida
      Tsuyoshi Abe
      Nobuaki Kaneko
      Sho Aoyagi
      Riisa Naka

◎Tags Sage of Yamazaki | Japanese TV Series | Netflix | Manga Adaptation | Japan | Tsuchiya Taiho | Japanese Movie | Nikage


   Yusu Ryohei is a listless young vagrant who is addicted to video games. He suddenly found himself in a strange and deserted Tokyo where he and his friends must compete for survival in a dangerous game. In this strange world, Arisu Ryohei meets the young woman Usagi Yuba who is alone in the game. They risked their lives to uncover secrets one after another and find the meaning of survival. "The Pathbreaker of Today’s Country" is adapted from the survival thriller manga of Aso Haro (originally published in "Weekly Shonen Sunday S"/"Weekly Shonen Sunday"), directed by Sato Shinsuke, Yamazaki Kento ("The King of the World"" The Disaster of Qimu Kusuo") and Tsuchiya Taiho ("Library Wars: Book of Memory" and "Xiao Xi") co-starring.


Video quality : WEB-DL | SH3LBY
Resolution : 1080p
Format : MKV
Video : 1920×1080 at 23.976 fps, MPEG-4 AVC, ~ 5886 kbps avg
Audio : 48 kHz, E-AC3, 3/2 (L, C, R, l, r) + LFE ch, ~ 640 kbps avg (Japanese)
Subtitles : Russian (Netflix) , English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese (Forced, Full) , Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish


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