Tenet 2020 1080p HDRip X264-EVO Download

Tenet 2020 1080p

◎Title  Tenet
◎year 2020
◎Place of Origin United States / United Kingdom
◎Category Drama / Action / Science Fiction
◎Language English
◎Release date  2020-08-26 (UK) / 2020-09-03 (US) / 2020-09-04 (Mainland China)
◎IMDb score 8.0/10 from 59177 users
◎IMDb link https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6723592
◎Douban Rating 8.4/10 from 10003 users
◎Douban link https://movie.douban.com/subject/30444960/
◎Length  150 minutes
◎Director   Christopher Nolan
◎Screenwriter   Christopher Nolan
◎Starring  John David Washington
      Robert Pattinson
      Elizabeth Debicki
      Dimple Kapadia
      Michael Caine
      Kenneth Branagh
      Aaron Taylor-Johnson
      Clémence Poésy
      Himesh Patel
      Andrew Howard
      Yuri Kolokolnikov
      Martin Donovan
      Carina Velva
      Jonathan Camp
      Katie McCabe
      Bern Collaço
      Anthony Molinari
      Trent Buxton
      Ingrid Margus
      Rich Ceraulo
      Laurie Shepherd
      Mark Krenik
      Alex Wexo
      Denzil Smith
      Marcel Sabat
      Jimmy Star
      Caleb Spillyards
      Jefferson Hall
      Fiona Dourif
      Wes Chatham
      Jack Cutmore-Scott
      Sean Avery
      Jeremy Theobald

◎Tags Science Fiction | 2020 | Brain Burning | America | Suspense | Action | Story | Crime


   The survival of the world is at stake, and the word "creed" is the only clue and weapon. The protagonist travels around the world to carry out secret agent activities, trying to reveal the mystery of the "creed" and complete a mysterious mission that transcends real time. This task is not a time journey, but a "reversal of time and space".

Tenet 2020 1080pTenet 2020 1080p
Tenet 2020 1080pTenet 2020 1080p
Tenet 2020 1080pTenet 2020 1080p
Tenet 2020 1080pTenet 2020 1080p



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