Sony Vegas Pro 17.0.0 Build 421 Download + Activation / Patch

Sony Vegas Pro 17.0.0 Build 421 Download

Sony Vegas Pro 17.0.0 Build 421 Download


the Sony the Vegas Pro- professional program for multitrack recording, editing and editing video and audio streams. The tools included in Vegas Pro enable real-time editing and processing of DV, AVCHD, HDV, SD / HD-SDI and XDCAM ™ formats, fine audio adjustments, surround sound creation and dual layer DVDs. You can burn Blu-ray discs directly from the timeline to keep the recording in high quality. Create standard DVDs with complex videos, subtitles, multilingual menus, and add comments with ease. The interface determines the convenience of working with the product, and in many ways – the user’s attitude towards it. Vegas offers an incredibly flexible, highly customizable, thoughtful and, most importantly, user-friendly interface.

Vegas offers an infinite number of video and audio tracks, each with its own pair (A / B) tracks, advanced music composition tools, multi-channel full duplex I / O supported (26 physical outputs can be used for signal output with an independent mixing bus on each), real-time resampling, automatic crossfading, synchronization via MIDI Time Code and MIDI Clock, dithering (with noise shaping) on the subgroup outputs, and of course, 24/32-bit audio at 192 kHz sampling rate. For real-time audio processing, you can insert a four-band parametric equalizer and compressor in the insert of each track, as well as use 32 sends to the DirectX format plug-ins. Different data formats can be added to the same track at the same time, no conversion or rendering. Besides, the program also supports such "advanced" functions as working with two processors and two monitors.

There is a possibility to import MPEG / AC3 files from a DVD camcorder! Vegas allows you to transfer VOB files with AC3 audio feed directly to the timeline. Sony Vegas allows rendering to MPEG-4 / AVC / H.264 file formats. The ability to export finished material to a variety of video formats MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI, Quick Time, Real Video, Windows Media Video, OGG, SWF and others.

Key Features

  • Includes DVD Architect version 6.0, not 5.0
  • Build and burn Blu-ray discs from DVD Architect (in fact, the ability to burn Blu-ray is what distinguishes DVD Architect version 6.0 from earlier)
  • Create surround sound 5.1 (in lower versions – stereo only)
  • Ability to save and restore the location of interface windows
  • Ability to enable a custom palette of interface colors
  • Viewing video on an external monitor via DVI (digital output of a video card), and not only via a DV camera connected to the DV interface (IEEE1394)
  • Number of video tracks: no limit (in younger versions – up to 4)
  • Video effects and transitions: full set (in younger versions, not all)
  • Tools for color correction: a complete set (in lower versions only primary color correction)
  • Professional lighting effects
  • Measuring tools for video: WFM / Vector / Parade / Histogram
  • ProType Titler effect for creating complex titles (in younger versions only a simpler text creation module )
  • Support for XDCAM format
  • Tool for working with AVCHD and XDCAM cameras EX Device Explorer
  • Video processing with 32-bit floating point precision
  • Support for SD / HD-SDI interfaces
  • Gradient wipe video transition
  • Support for gigapixel images
  • Support for projects with 4K resolution ( up to 4096×4096 pixels)
  • Support for Broadcast Wave audio format
  • Support for Gracenote CDDB database
  • Maximum sound quality: 24 bit / 192 kHz (16 bit / 48 kHz in lower versions)
  • Number of audio tracks: unlimited (in lower versions – up to 4)
  • Number of sound processing effects: full set, including 5.1 surrounds
  • Support for folders with sets of effects
  • Support for DirectX® effects: full (including automation of changing parameters)
  • Sound envelopes: volume / pan (also available in lower versions) and effect parameters (this is not in lower versions)
  • Substitution sound recording
  • Monitoring of recording audio input
  • Effects of processing the entire project and audio buses (groups of tracks)
  • Creating and burning Red Book Audio CD
  • Recording automation of envelopes (changing processing parameters)
  • Keyboard "trimming" of clips
  • Project inheritance (the ability to open other projects in the project)
  • Import / export of AAF format
  • Material management system (media manager)
  • Support for script execution
  • Support for external control consoles
  • Support for AJA Xena LH, LHe, LS and LSe cards (Digital only)
  • Configurable user templates
  • Capture to Compressed Sony MXF format via SD / HD-SDI interfaces
  • Support for OpenEXR and DPX
  • Support for RED ONE ™ (.r3d) files


Sony Vegas Pro 17.0.0 Build 421 Download (Include Patch)

File Parameters Parameter Values
File name Sony Vegas Pro 17.0.0 Build 421 incl
File Size 699MB
File Format ZIP Archive
Download Magnet Link
Download Tools Download tools that support Magnet links
Download link Sony Vegas Pro 17.0.0 Build 421 incl

Patch Download Alone

File Parameters Parameter Values
File name
File Size 21MB
File Format ZIP Archive
Download MEGA
Download Tools No special designation
Download link

Installation Guide

  1. Launch the Setup.exe installer

  2. Unzip, run the Patch.exe, install the patch to register program

  3. The program has been registered and activated, enjoy~

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