Parallels Desktop Business Edition v15.1.4 (47270) Download + Activation / Patched

Parallels Desktop Business Edition v15.1.4 (47270)

Parallels Desktop Business Edition v15.1.4 (47270) Download


Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac is the most flexible and easy-to-use solution for running Windows on Mac computers for professionals, workgroups, and corporate users. Thanks to its high performance, you can run any Windows application such as Microsoft Office without any performance degradation.

Parallels Desktop Business Edition allows employees to use their own devices (that is, implement a BYOD approach) and provide support for the Windows applications that Mac users need. Continue to reap the benefits of the investment your company has already made in Windows software, while working on the hardware your team is comfortable with. Parallels Desktop supports macOS Mojave, and various other operating systems, including Windows 10, Ubuntu and other Linux distributions, as well as earlier versions of Windows and macOS.

Key Features

  • Fast, efficient and easy
    If you need to run Windows programs that are not available in the Mac version, or transfer data when moving from PC to Mac, Parallels Desktop can help you solve these problems.

  • Conveniently
    You can run Windows alongside macOS® (no restart required) on a MacBook®, MacBook Pro®, iMac®, iMac Pro®, Mac mini®, or Mac Pro®. Share files and folders, copy and paste text and images, drag and drop files between Mac and Windows applications.

  • Convenient setting
    Parallels Desktop automatically detects what you need to get started, so setup takes minutes. If a Windows installation is required, the user will be prompted to download and install Windows 10, or select the currently installed version of Windows, Linux, Ubuntu or Boot Camp®.

  • Amazingly fast
    Windows graphics and other resource-intensive applications run without sacrificing Mac performance. Run the most graphics-intensive applications like Adobe® Photoshop® or Visual Studio® or SketchUp® without sacrificing performance.

  • Design and functionality
    In Coherence mode, the Windows interface will be hidden when using applications of this operating system. If you are not used to working with a Mac, you can make the Windows window fill the entire screen, giving you the feeling of working on a regular Windows computer.

  • Updated
    Optimized solution for the latest Windows 10 updates and the new macOS Mojave (10.14), including Dark Mode.

  • Unlimited flexibility
    Supports OS X, Windows 10, 8.1 and 7, Google Chrome ™, Linux and Unix, and macOS Server. You no longer have to choose between PC and Mac.

  • Touch bar
    Add Windows applications to the Touch Bar ™ for instant access and customization.

  • Connecting devices
    Connect devices equipped with USB, Thunderbolt, and FireWire ports to Windows. Pair your Bluetooth® devices, pen, and printer so that they work with both Windows and macOS.

  • Retina® display support
    Intelligent resizing and independent screen resolution for individual displays.

  • Instant setup
    Choose your primary use case, be it office work, gaming, design, testing, or software development, and Parallels Desktop for Mac will optimize your virtual machine’s settings and performance according to it.

  • Instant access
    Launch and open Windows applications directly from the Mac Dock.

  • Save disk space
    Optimize disk space automatically to get the most out of your Mac.

  • Office 365 Integration
    Open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents through Safari in their respective Windows Office desktop applications.

  • Working with Boot Camp
    Reuse your Boot Camp installation. Converting a virtual machine from Boot Camp is easy – just follow the instructions in the setup wizard at startup.

  • Travel mode
    Extend battery life when the device is not connected to a power source.

New Features

This update for Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac 15.1.4 (47270) is aimed at improving the overall stability and security of the program and includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • Added support for Ubuntu 19.10.
  • Added support for Fedora 31.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in a failure to install Parallels Tools on Fedora – virtual machines with kernel 5.5.8.
  • Parallels Desktop can now be upgraded without entering a password.

Note. When upgrading Parallels Desktop from version 15.1.3 to this version, there is no need to upgrade Parallels Tools.

System Requirements

  • OS X 10.12.6 or later
  • 64-bit processor

Products includes

  • Parallels Desktop Business Edition v15.1.4 (47270)
  • Toolbox v3.9.1 (3170)


File Parameters Parameter Values
File name Parallels Desktop 15.1.4-47270 + Toolbox 3.9.1-3170 [TNT].dmg
File Size 246MB
File format DMG Image
Download Magnet Link
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Download link Parallels Desktop 15.1.4-47270 + Toolbox 3.9.1-3170 [TNT].dmg

Installation Guide

  1. Load the image file Parallels Desktop 15.1.4-47270 + Toolbox 3.9.1-3170 [TNT].dmg, click Install to install Parallels Desktop 15

  2. Click Install Parallels Toolboxs to install Toolbox

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