NetSarang Xmanager Power Suite v6 Build 0191 Download + Active / Activation

NetSarang Xmanager Power Suite v6

NetSarang Xmanager Power Suite v6 Build 0191 Download


Xmanager Power Suite includes Xmanager, Xshell, Xftp and Xlpd applications from NetStrong. Xmanager for Windows and Xshell manages to remotely control the Unix / Linux server using a secure terminal. The Xftp program also allows for file transfer and eventually Xlpd to print documents (non-local documents that are on other systems).

Xmanager Enterprise has a wide range of network management and control systems that will enable any system administrator to meet their different needs. The network administrator is able to install this softwareView and manage the operation of all systems joined to the network. Of course, users can also experience many features with this software. It can easily communicate with other computers and share and transfer files. Features of this software can view all systems on the network in other parts of the system, software control all parts of computers connected to the network, view other systems screen, the ability to control file sharing in the systems , IP communication through the Address Bar, support for various Internet protocols , the ability to connect to TelNet, connect to FTP protocols for file transfer and more.

Key Features

  • View all networked systems in other systems
  • Complete network
  • management – Software control of all different parts of networked computers
  • View other systems display
  • Ability to control Share files in the system
  • the ability to communicate via IP to Address Bar
  • supports different protocols internet for
  • the ability to connect with TelNet
  • connectivity protocols FTP for file transfer
  • suitable for small networks Appliances Large Business Networks
  • Ability to Build Different Profiles for Server and Users
  • Capability Sa Fit desktop shortcutFor faster access
  • Ability to manage all the clients in the network environment from the administrator
  • Ability to manage all systems from the management and make custom changes
  • Easy to use for both administrators and clients
  • Ability to share files Clients and Servers
  • Ability to share the Internet among clients by setting limits
  • Identification and compatibility with various Internet protocols
  • Ability to communicate with FTP protocols to send files to the server
  • High security in the network environment
  • Printer Sharing and Document Printing Management
  • High Speed Communication

Detailed Functions

  1. Xmanager Power Suite is an all-in-one solution

    • Includes Xmanager, Xshell, Xftp and Xlpd in a single suite. Xmanager runs X window applications, and Xshell runs remote Unix / Linux servers with a secure terminal. Xftp transfers files between systems securely, and Xlpd runs local printing for remote documents on other systems. Using
  2. Centralized Scattered System Resources and Reduce TCO

    • Companies may find their operating systems scattered over the network due to multiple X applications and file systems. Xmanager Power Suite 6 solves this issue by allowing users to access all scattered resources directly from their desktop. Having a central location that allows users to access applications remotely, upgrades and maintenance can be easily managed and reduce TCO.
  3. Interoperability for Maximum Productivity

    • All programs included in this suite share a common SSH (Secure Shell) security module to interoperate with another conveniently and efficiently. With all the various features integrated into a single suite, customers can experience an easier time with purchase, installation, maintenance, as well as a reduced total cost of ownership.
  4. Session Manager

    • As a dockable pane in your main Xmanager and Xshell window, you’ll have immediate access to all the essentials for session management. Easily view, create, edit, and delete multiple sessions on the fly and launch multiple sessions simultaneously. It’s never been easier to manage your sessions!
  5. Dockable UI

    • Xmanager and Xshell main windows incorporate an all new Dockable UI. Utilize Drag & Drop to choose where to place your Session Manager, Compose Bar, Quick Command sets, etc. The UI provides even more functionality to Xmanager Power Suite’s already customizable configuration.
  6. Enhanced Password Encryption with Master Password

    • Set a user defined string as your Master Password to add a layer of encryption to your session file passwords. The Master Password encrypts the passphrase used to connect to the server, the passphrase user key, and the password string contained within the session file. Safely store your session files in the cloud to share between devices.
  7. SSH PKCS # 11 Support

    • The PKCS # 11 protocol enables users to securely store the user’s private keys using a hardware token (HSM) for added security. Xmanager Power Suite 6 also supports GSSAPI, Password, Public Key, and Keyboard Interactive authentication methods.

System Requirements

  1. Operating System:

    • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 1,
    • Windows Server 2012, Windows Vista Service Pack 1
    • Microsoft Windows Terminal Server, Citrix MetaFrame for Windows
  2. CPU: Intel Pentium or Faster

  3. Memory: 512 MB

  4. Hard Disk: 200 MB


File Parameters Parameter Values
File name
File Size 110MB
File format ZIP Archive
Download Github
Download Tools No special designation
Download link

Installation Guide

  1. Run the Keygen.exe file from the Keygen folder.

  2. Click "Fix Host + Register" to change the Host file and registry so to block the official NetSarang server.

  3. Click on "Generate" and the serial number we need will be generated.

  4. Finally click the "Copy" button to copy the serial number generated and paste it on the software installation registration page.

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