Total Uninstall Pro v6.24.0.520 Download + Active / Activation

Total Uninstall Pro v6.24.0.520

Total Uninstall Pro v6.24.0.520 Download


Total Uninstall is an advanced software application specialized in uninstalling programs from your computer and completely removing registry entries or other traces. It includes several additional tools designed to help you monitor new utilities, clean junk files and create backups.

Clean feature

lineup The tool automatically detects all programs installed on your computer, displays them in a simple list and provides information about the program name, installation date and size.
Additionally, you are allowed to add new software to the list, change icons, add notes, as well as create groups and subgroups to organize the programs. The search feature helps you quickly identify an application and reveal the results in real time.

Different analysis profiles :

The tool embeds a powerful analysis algorithm that helps you gather information about every relevant file or registry entry before actually removing a program. It offers support for three different analysis profiles, namely safe, normal and advanced. The last one is the most comprehensive one as it scans your computer thoroughly and may include files shared with the operating system in the scan results.

Backup and batch uninstallation mode :

Total Uninstall lets you back up files and registry items so you can restore them in the future in case any problems may arise.
Utilities can be removed in single or batch mode. The first one allows you to delete all data included in the analysis or use of the program’s built-in uninstaller while the second empowers you to uninstall multiple apps at the same time.
A system restore point is automatically created before removing any program from the list, and you can view detailed information about the deletion operation, such as uninstall log with total successful actions, errors and warnings, as well as the complete path of each deleted file, folder and registry key.

Monitoring new apps installed on the system and cleaning junk files:

A smart feature included in the software enables you to detect any changes made to your system when you install new tools. Total Uninstall creates a pre-installed snapshot of your registry and file system so you can compare it with a new snapshot taken after the target’s installation.
The built-in Cleaner gives you the ability to get rid of unnecessary files, folders and registry keys that may take up extra space on the system.

Configuration settings:

Total Uninstall offers support for context menu integration for monitoring programs and allows you to change the analysis and uninstall profiles (changing their names and adding descriptions, adjusting levels to detect program settings and shredding files instead of sending them to the Recycle Bin). .
When it comes to cleaning junk files, you can do a program to search for invalid entries (eg missing shared DLLs, file references, MSI paths) and file system data (eg Windows log files, memory dumps, temporary folders, browsing info for IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Maxthon).

An advanced and powerful uninstaller:

Taken into consideration its powerful mix of features that allow you to uninstall programs including registry entries and other leftover files, Total Uninstall proves to be a reliable tool that is mainly geared towards professional users.

Features :

  • Accurate to analyze existing installations and create a log with installation changes.
  • Monitor changes from registry and file system for new installations.
  • Uninstall completely and thoroughly analyzed or monitored programs.
  • Create a backup for a program and restore the program from backup.
  • Organize in groups installed or monitored programs.
  • Find the program to uninstall by keyword quickly and easily.
  • Summary and detailed information for each installed or monitored program.
  • User configurable views of the detected changes.
  • It shows a detailed uninstall log.
  • Powerful search in detected changes.
  • Standalone program agent for notification of running installation programs.
  • Export registry changes for install or uninstall.
  • Export installed or monitored programs list to file.
  • Export to file or print detected changes.


Direct Download

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Installation Guide

  1. Run the Total-Uninstall-Setup-6.24.0.exe installer as an administrator and follow the wizard to complete the installation.
  2. Choose the crack corresponding platform bits of your system, place the cracke file Tu.exe in the program installation directory (the default is C:\Program Files\Total Uninstall 6), and replace the original file.
  3. Run the software, enjoy!
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