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少年的你 Better Days 2019

◎ Better Days
◎ Era 2019
◎ Origin: Mainland China
◎ Category: Drama, Romance, Crime
◎ Language: Mandarin Chinese
◎ Release Date 2019-10-25 (Mainland China)
◎ IMDb score 7.5 / 10 from 595 users
◎ IMDb link
◎ Douban Rating 8.4 / 10 from 547560 users
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◎ Duration: 135 minutes
◎ Director Derek Tsang
◎ Writer Lam Wing Sum / Yuan Li / Yimeng Xu
◎ Starring Dongyu Zhou
Jackson Yee
Fang Yin
Ye Zhou
Yue Wu
Jue Huang
Yifan Zhang
Yao Zhang
Xinyi Zhang
Runnan Zhao
Xuanming Gao
Xintong Xie
Ran Liu
Lüyun Heliao
Pan Hu
Junlin Luo

◎ Tag Campus Bullying | Youth | Campus Violence | Growth | Campus | Humanity | 2019 | China


Chen Nian (Zhou Dongyu) is a junior high school student who is about to take the college entrance examination. Her schoolgirl, Hu Xiaodie (Zhang Yifan), committed suicide by jumping off the building and plunging her life into a difficult state. After Hu Xiaodie’s death, Chen Nian was bullied by a trio headed by Wei Lai (Zhou Ye). Although Wei Lai appeared to be a good-looking top student, he actually had a bad heart. Death is inextricably linked to her.
In an accident, Chen Nian stunned a small puppet named Xiaobei (Yi Qian Qianxi), and over time, sincere love developed between the two who loved each other. Xiaobei promised Chen Nian to secretly protect her from bullying by Wei Lai, but did not expect this decision to trigger a chain reaction. Police officer Zheng Yi (Yin Yi) who was investigating the cause of Hu Xiaodie’s death was faintly aware of the strange atmosphere on campus, but his investigations were repeatedly blocked by the school.

少年的你 Better Days 2019少年的你 Better Days 2019
少年的你 Better Days 2019少年的你 Better Days 2019


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