Godzilla vs Kong 2021 WEBRip 1080p Download

Godzilla vs Kong 2021 WEBRip 1080p

◎Title Godzilla vs Kong
◎year 2021
◎Place of Origin United States / Australia
◎Category: Action / Science Fiction / Adventure
◎Language English
◎Release date  2021-03-24 (Taiwan, China) / 2021-03-26 (Mainland China) / 2021-03-31 (U.S.)
◎IMDb star rating  ★★★★★★★␣␣␣
◎IMDb rating  7.4/10 from 14,315 users
◎IMDb link  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5034838/
◎Douban Commentary ★★★☆␣
◎Douban score 6.7/10 from 102,957 users
◎Douban link https://movie.douban.com/subject/26613692/
◎Length  113 minutes
◎Director   Adam Wingard / Adam Wingard
◎Actor Alexander Skarsgård | as Nathan Lind
       Millie Bobby Brown / Millie Bobby Brown | as Madison Russell
       Rebecca Hall / Rebecca Hall | as Irene Ilene Andrews
      Kaylee Hottle / Kaylee Hottle | as Jia Jia
       Brian Tyree Henry / Brian Tyree Henry | as Bernie Hayes
       Oguri Shun / Shun Oguri | Ren Serizawa
       Aisha González / Eiza González | as Maya Simmons
       Julian Dennison / Julian Dennison | as Josh Valentine
       Lance Reddick / Lance Reddick | as Monarch Director
       Kyle Chandler / Kyle Chandler | as Mark Russell
       Demián Bichir / Demián Bichir | as Walter Simmons
       Hakeem Kae-Kazim / Hakeem Kae-Kazim | as Admiral Wilcox
       Qian Xinyi / Ronny Chieng | as Jay Wayne
      John Pirruccello / John Pirruccello | as Horace
       Chris Chalk / Chris Chalk | as Ben
       Conlan Casal / Conlan Casal | as Apex Cybernetics Security Guard
       Brad McMurray / Brad McMurray | as Apex Cybernetics Security Guard
       Benjamin Rigby / Benjamin Rigby | as Sonar Operator
       Priscilla Doueihy / Priscilla Doueihy | as Monarch Mission Tech
       David Castillo / David Castillo | as Maia Apex Cybernetics Guard
       Jim Palmer / Jim Palmer | as Maia Apex Cybernetics Guard
       Curtis Bush / Curtis Bush | as Admiral
       Piéra Forde / Piéra Forde | as Mission Tech
       Alice Lanesbury / Alice Lanesbury | as Bar Patron
       Shawn McBride / Shawn McBride | as Fisherman
       Joel Pierce / Joel Pierce | as Monarch Tech
       Jon Quested / Jon Quested | as Construction Worker
       Tasneem Roc / Tasneem Roc | as Reporter
       Amber Walls / Amber Walls | as Refugee
       Diezel Ramos / Diezel Ramos | as Monarch Military
◎Screenwriter   Terry Rossio / Terry Rossio
       Eric Pearson / Eric Pearson
      Max Borenstein / Max Borenstein
       Michael Dougherty / Michael Dougherty
       Zach Shields / Zach Shields
◎Producer Mary Parent / Mary Parent
      Alex Garcia / Alex Garcia
       Eric McLeod / Eric McLeod
       Brian Rogers / Brian Rogers
       Kenji Okuhira / Kenji Okuhira
       Yoshimitsu Banno / Yoshimitsu Banno
       Joe Jashni / Jon Jashni
       Thomas Tull / Thomas Tull
       Jay Ashenfelter / Jay Ashenfelter
       Herbert W. Gains / Herbert W. Gains
      林单 / Dan Lin
       Roy Lee / Roy Lee
◎Music  Jonkey·XL / Junkie XL
◎Photography: Ben Seresin / Ben Seresin
◎Editing   Josh Schaeffer / Josh Schaeffer
◎ Casting   Sarah Finn / Sarah Finn
◎Art   Thomas S. Hammock / Thomas S. Hammock
       Owen Paterson / Owen Paterson
       Bill Booth / Bill Booth
      Michelle McGahey / Michelle McGahey
       Harry E. Otto / Harry E. Otto
       Dawn Swiderski / Dawn Swiderski
       Ronald R. Reiss / Ronald R. Reiss
◎Clothing Ann Foley / Ann Foley
◎Visual effects John Des Jardin / John ‘D.J.’ Des Jardin

◎Tags Monsters | Godzilla vs. King Kong | Science Fiction | Godzilla | Action | American | American Movie | Fantasy


   These two god-like opponents met in a spectacular war, when the fate of the world was hanging by a thread. In order to find his true homeland, King Kong and his protectors embarked on a difficult journey. Along with them is a young orphan girl-Ji Ya, there is a unique and powerful close connection between this girl and King Kong. Unexpectedly, they met the angry Godzilla on the path ahead, which caused a series of destruction around the world. An invisible force caused a huge conflict between these two giants, and the mystery hidden deep in the heart of the earth was also revealed.


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Subtitle Language English
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