How To Upgrade NextCloud Deployed Through Docker Container

Upgrade NextCloud For Docker Container Deployment

Upgrade NextCloud For Docker Container Deployment


How to upgrade nextcloud deployed through docker container? Update the Nextcloud container by pulling the new image, discarding the old container, and starting the new container.

Since all data is stored in the volume, so nothing is lost. The startup script will check the version in the volume and the installed docker version. If a mismatch is found, the upgrade process will automatically start. Don’t forget to add all the volumes to the new container, so it will work as expected.

Follow the steps below to upgrade NextCloud:

  1. Execute the following command to pull the latest stable image

    docker pull nextcloud:stable
  2. Check the container name of nextcloud, in the last column NAMES, which will be used later

    docker ps | grep -i nextcloud
  3. Stop nextcloud

    docker stop <your_nextcloud_name>
  4. Remove the nextcloud container

    docker rm <your_nextcloud_name>
  5. Run nextcloud

    docker run -d <options> nextcloud

    Please note that you must run the same command with the options you used when you first started Nextcloud. This includes volume, port mapping.

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