The Eight Hundred 2020 WEB-DL 1080P Download

八佰 The Eight Hundred 2020 WEB-DL 1080P

◎Title   The Eight Hundred
◎year 2020
◎Place of Origin Mainland China
◎Category Story / History / War
◎Language  Mandarin Chinese / Japanese / English
◎Release date  2020-08-14 (large-scale screening) / 2020-08-21 (Mainland China)
◎IMDb score 7.2/10 from 691 users
◎IMDb link
◎Douban score 7.7/10 from 430656 users
◎ Douban link
◎Length  147 minutes (Release version)
◎Director  Hu Guan
◎ Screenwriter: Hu Guan / Rui Ge / Kun Hu / Dongbin Huang
◎Starring  Qianyuan Wang
      Yi Zhang
      Wu Jiang
      Zhizhong Huang
      Junyi Zhang
      Oho Ou
      Chun Du
      Vision Wei
      Youhao Zhang
      Yixin Tang
      Jiuxiao Li
      Chen Li
      Jing Liang
      Yong Hou
      Baiqing Xin
      Haoming Yu
      Xiaoqing Liu
      Chen Yao
      Kai Zheng
      Ailei Yu
      Xiaoming Huang
      Augusta Xu-Holland
      Cheng Zhang
      Jingwu Ma
      Xiaoguang Hu
      Siyu Lu
      En Bai
      Lu Cao
      Yunlong Liu
      Jiahua Yang
      Hideo Nakaizumi
      Shuang Gao
      Wei Zheng
      Dongping Gao
      Miyi Huang
      Weiyu Cao
      Yang Song
      Letong Xu
      Xing Xu
      Ethan Juan
      Zilan Du
      Guo Chen
      Yue Qin
      Laowu Shao
      Vincent Matile
      Samuel D.T. Mackey
      Haijun Chang
      Zhuohang Li
      David Semery
      Daniel Krauser
      Gianluca Zoppa
      Lionel Roudaut
      Diego Dati
      Omer Yuzuak
      Stuart D. Latham
      Terry Cormier
      Brono Bajtala


   In the last battle of the Battle of Shanghai in 1937, the "eight hundred warriors" were ordered to stand firm at the Shanghai Sixing Warehouse and resist four days and four nights with fewer enemies and more stubbornness. The movie "Yao Bai" is directed by Guan Hu. It is the first commercial film in Asia to be shot entirely with IMAX cameras. It will be released in theaters nationwide on August 21, 2020.


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