VMware Workstation PRO 15.5.2 Download + Active / Activation / License Key

VMware Workstation PRO 15.5.2

VMware Workstation PRO 15.5.2 Download


VMware Workstation is a desktop virtualization software from VMware that comes in both Windows and Linux. This software provides virtual machine functionality that allows a computer to run multiple different operating systems simultaneously. In 2015, VMware Workstation released version 12, VMware Player was transformed into a free version of VMware Workstation and renamed VMware Workstation Player. The paid version of VMware Workstation was named VMware Workstation Pro.

VMware Workstation PRO 15.5.2 was released on March 12, 2020.


The software allows multiple virtual machines (or clients) to run on the same host. Each virtual machine is independent of each other and has its own operating system; and each virtual machine and host are independent of each other, and can operate independently and run applications. One of the virtual machines may fail or affect other virtual machines and hosts.

The 64-bit virtual machine operating system can only run on a 64-bit processor computer, and the BIOS is compatible with x86 virtualization technology. Intel’s 64-bit processor does not support segmented long mode if it is not hardware-supported for Intel VT technology.

New Function

  • Support 4K resolution
  • Support for Windows 10 version 1803 and the latest Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu
  • Graphics shared memory support up to 3GB
  • Hardware version 16
  • Support DirectX 10.1, 11, 12

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (x64) Standard x64 compatible personal computer.
  • CPU 1.3GHz or faster. Intel processor with VT-x support AMD processor supporting segment restriction in long mode


VMWareWorkstationPro+Player.v15.5.2 Include Keygen

File ParametersParameter Values
File nameVMWareWorkstationProPlayer.v15.5.2
File Size682MB
File formatFolder
DownloadMagnet Link
Download ToolsDownload tools that support magnetic links
Download link VMWareWorkstationProPlayer.v15.5.2

VMKeygen.exe Download Alone

File ParametersParameter Values
File nameVMKeygen.exe
File Size1.96MB
File formatEXE executable file
Download ToolsNo special designation
Download link VMKeygen.exe

Installation Guide

  1. Run VMware-workstation-full-15.5.2-15785246.exe to install the software, and then run it.

  2. Run the VMKeygen.exe file and generate a License Key.

  3. Register the software using the generated License Key.
    VMware Workstation PRO 15.5.2

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